I happen to love oranges

and my stupid, old Volvo too.

12 February
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the girl:
cindy. 21. brunette. socal gal. student. taxpayer. volvo owner. quote freak. rambling rambler who rambles. fanatical fangirl.

goes into batshit crazy total fangirl mode over:
robert pattinson. kirsten storms. kristen stewart. james mcavoy. snow patrol.

ships (in alphabetical order by show, book, etc. - 'cause I'm anal like that):
leo wyatt and piper halliwell [charmed]
shawn brady and belle black (days of our lives)
john carter and lucy knight [er]
noel crane and felicity porter (felicity)
cooper barrett and maxie jones [general hospital]
jesse beaudry and maxie jones (general hospital)
dean forester and rory gilmore [gilmore girls]
finn hudson and rachel berry [glee]
will schuester and emma pillsbury [glee]
harry potter and hermione granger (harry potter)
gregory house and allison cameron [house]
ned and charlotte 'chuck' charles (pushing daisies)
max evans and liz parker [roswell]
bill compton and sookie stackhouse (true blood)
edward cullen & bella swan [twilight]

pushing daisies (cancelled)
dexter (no longer a Showtime subscriber)
true blood (no longer an HBO subscriber)
general hospital (has become unwatchable)

gives credit where credit is due:
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et cetera, et cetera:
Profile picture: featuring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, cropping and coloring by me.
Edward & Bella journal header made by me.

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